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Here at Jablow's Meats, quality begins at the source. We begin our quest for creating the highest quality smoked treats by using organic, pasture raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free meat. We don't use any chemical enhancers or shortcuts when curing and brining meat, rather, we let time work its magic. We also take no shortcuts when smoking meat, relying again on time and patience in order to achieve a product that strikes the right balance between smokey and meaty flavor.

Our First Pop-Up Restaurant! · Nov 12 2011

Join us for our 1st popup restaurant on Saturday, December 3rd!

On Saturday, December 3rd, we’re taking over Beast and the Hare in SF’s Mission District and serving up four tasty sandwiches featuring our signature meats:

- Five spice powder bacon
- NY-style pastrami rubbed with black peppercorns and coriander
- Guinness-braised corned beef
- Sweet Italian sausage with fennel

Come with friends and come hungry! We hope to see you there.

Saturday, December 3

Beast and the Hare
1001 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA 94110

10:30am – 2pm

Cash and credit accepted
Questions? Email Dan at jablowsmeats@gmail.com
Click here to RSVP

November Update · Nov 4 2011

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving at Jablow’s Meats!

Amazing to think that Thanksgiving is around the corner – time sure flies when you’re building a meat empire! We’ve got a big announcement to share in this update, but first, a few quick notes on orders and the next New Taste Marketplace:

Place your Thanksgiving orders now:
In our family, Thanksgiving is the time for relaxing, watching football, and of course, eating a lot. To help make your Thanksgiving table even more delicious, we’re offering an assortment of our meaty treats for sale in November. Whether you want to dress your turkey in our homemade bacon, spice up your stuffing with our sweet Italian sausage, or take a break from the turkey to have a smoked pastrami or corned beef sandwich, we’ve got you covered! Check out our newly updated menu for more details. To streamline things, you can now order directly via our website using our handy-dandy new shopping cart.

Join us at the November New Taste Marketplace – Saturday, 11/19 from 12-5:
This month we’re heading to the New Taste Marketplace with one of our favorites sandwiches: NY-style pastrami with crispy cole slaw and creamy mustard aioli on fresh rye. We’ll also be selling our signature bacon to take home – just in time for Sunday brunch! And for those of you placing Thanksgiving orders, the NTM will be a convenient pick up location just before the holiday.

Coming Saturday, December 3rd – our 1st pop-up restaurant!
We’re excited to announce that on December 3rd, Jablow’s Meats will be hosting our very first pop-up event! We’ll be taking over Beast and the Hare, a San Francisco restaurant, and serving up a variety of our tasty, meaty sandwiches for lunch. Stay tuned for more details, but for now mark your calendars and be prepared to bring your appetites ­– we’ve got your lunch plans covered.

October wrap-up
October was a jam-packed month for us, with three big food events in two weeks! We demonstrated the basics of sausage making for hungry market-goers at the New Taste Marketplace (a huge shout-out to our friend Liz, pictured above, for volunteering her services that day); served pulled pork sandwiches at Old Skool Café’s jazz fundraiser; and cranked out over 300 portions of pastrami sandwiches at Koutali’s 25-An Unconventional Feast, a high-end food event. We also offered two deliveries of our meaty Sampler Packs, proving that smoked meat is even better when it’s delivered to your door! We’ve also made progress towards our goal of establishing a farmer’s market presence. Hopefully we’ll have some good news to share on that front soon.

As always, we’re so thankful for your support and enthusiasm, and we’re always eager to hear from you. Email us at jablowsmeats@gmail.com with questions, ideas or feedback. We hope to see you soon!

- Dan and Ashley

Sausage Making Demo · Oct 20 2011

Last Saturday marked our 6th time appearance at the New Taste Marketplace. Quite a milestone considering that the NTM is a monthly market, meaning that we’ve been at this for over half a year now. Hard to believe but it feels like we’re practically old pros at this. We’ve been lucky to try out many different concepts and ideas at the NTM, serving BLTs, pastrami, and pulled pork sandwiches and offering various meats for sale by the pound. This time around we wanted to bring something new and exciting to the market and after some discussion with the market organizer, we decided that sausage making demos would make for a fun and educational afternoon for market attendees.

Our setup for this market was much bigger than previous markets. We used two 6′ tables and set up the demo on one side and a temporary Jablow’s Meats ‘shop’ on the other side. This was the first NTM where we didn’t offer sandwiches but we did bring a ton of tasty meaty treats for sale including bacon, pastrami, corned beef and of course, the subject of our demo, sweet Italian sausage.


A little diagram I used during the demo to show everyone where the ‘butt’ comes from (hint: it’s not where you think).


Also for the first time we took on additional help in the form of our good friend Liz, who was kind enough to volunteer her services in return for a full afternoon of sausage-making themed jokes.


Here I am holding court during the first of our two demos. People were genuinely excited to be in the audience – I heard many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ throughout the 30 minute sessions, especially when it came time to actually stuff the sausage into casings.


Sausage stuffing 101 – it’s a lot easier to stuff the sausage all at once, then form individual links (as opposed to forming links as you stuff).


For having never led a sausage making demo in front of a group of 30 strangers, twice during the day, I’d say that everything went amazingly well. There was only one minor snafu to report – between the two demos, I cleaned all the grinder parts in the kitchen. By mistake I left the grinder blade in the sink and didn’t realize it until it was time to grind the meat during the 2nd demo. Luckily the blade was right where I left it – no harm done – though I did feel a little silly when I realized that the most important part of the grinder had gone missing right when I needed it the most.

Happy October from Jablow’s Meats! · Oct 12 2011

Happy October from Jablow’s Meats!

Fall’s officially here and with it comes lots of football, colder weather and plenty of opportunities to get friends together for a delicious meal. Fall also means new events and new offers from Jablow’s Meats! Here’s the latest for October:

Join us for the basics of sausage making at the New Taste Marketplace – Saturday, 10/15 from 12-5:

The New Taste Marketplace is a must-attend food event in San Francisco, and we’ve enjoyed being regular vendors for the last 6 months. This Saturday we’re shaking things up and offering demos on how to grind, season and stuff pork sausage. The demos will begin at 1pm and again at 3pm. We’ll also be selling our signature bacon, pastrami, corned beef and sweet Italian sausage to take home. Come hungry and ready to learn!

Satisfy your pulled pork craving at the Bayview BBQ + Blues Festival – Saturday, 10/22 from 12-5:

The Old Skool Café is a youth-run supper club that provides job training programs for at-risk San Francisco youth. On October 22nd, we’ll be supporting them at their BBQ and Blues Festival with – what else – pulled pork sandwiches and hot Italian sausages! We hope you’ll join us for delicious smoked meats and great local jazz, all for a good cause. Join the fun from 12-5 at 1429 Mendell Street in SF, just off of 3rd Street between Oakdale and Palou.
Last call for smoked meat in October:

Rounding out the month, we’re doing one more home delivery of smoked meaty treats on October 28th – right to your door! This sampler pack boasts three pounds of our newest menu items: pork loin, sweet Italian sausage and corned beef. Check our website to learn more and place an order.

As always, we’re so thankful for your support and enthusiasm and we’re always eager to hear from you. Email us at jablowsmeats@gmail.com with questions, ideas or feedback. We hope to see you soon!

- Dan and Ashley

The Latest News From Jablow’s Meats · Sep 23 2011

Greetings from Jablow’s Meats!

We’ve been busy the last few weeks and wanted to share some exciting updates and offers.

Satisfy your smoked meat craving in October:

Back by popular demand, we’re doing two home deliveries of smoked meaty treats in October – right to your door! Both boxes feature a variety of signature and new Jablow’s Meats menu items, including bacon, pastrami, pork loin, sausage and corned beef. Check out our recent blog post and place your order now – supplies are limited!

Learn the basics of sausage making at the New Taste Marketplace:

The New Taste Marketplace is a must-attend event for fans of the San Francisco food scene. We’ve enjoyed being a regular vendor and meeting many of you over BLTs, pastrami and pulled pork sandwiches! On October 15th we’re shaking things up and offering demos on how to grind, season and stuff pork sausage. More details to come soon, but come hungry and ready to learn! Learn more about the NTM here.

Finding new ways to feed hungry folks:

September was a month of experiments! We “popped up” with pulled pork sandwiches at a local football tailgate; served pastrami, ham and corned beef to hungry crowds at office lunches; and catered a handful of tasting events and birthday parties. We’re still learning the best way to bring our tasty smoked meats to the hungry masses – if you know of any opportunities to share our sandwiches and smoked meat with your friends and family or if you have any suggestions for other avenues to consider, we’re all ears! Email us at jablowsmeats@gmail.com.

As always, we’re so thankful for your support and enthusiasm. We hope to see you soon!

- Dan and Ashley

Satisfy your smoked meat craving in October · Sep 23 2011

We are pleased to offer a special promotion during the month of October. Get your favorite smoked meats delivered right to your door! We are offering two different packs filled with some of our smokey, meaty treats. The 1st pack will be delivered on Friday, October 7th and the 2nd pack will be delivered on Friday, October 28th.

The October 7th pack includes 3 pounds of Jablow’s Meats signature items:

Bacon – smoky, sweet and just a little spicy
Pastrami – brined & rubbed with black pepper and coriander to achieve that perfect NY flavor
Ham – flavored with apple cider and brown sugar and smoked over fruit wood

The October 28th pack includes 3 pounds of items just added to our menu:

Corned beef – braised slowly in a mix of Guinness and peppery spices
Sweet Italian Sausage – seasoned with fennel and fresh herbs
Pork loin – sweet & delicately smoked with a kick of garlic

You can order only the 1st pack, only the 2nd pack, or get both and save $5 on the 2nd pack!

1 Pack: $45 plus $5 delivery

2 Packs: $85 plus $10 delivery

Email jablowsmeats@gmail.com to place your order or for more information. SF Bay Area orders only, sorry out-of-towners.

Catering · Jul 30 2011

In a little over a week, I’ve managed to complete my first two catering gigs! Last Friday I catered an office lunch for about 15 people at my friend’s internet startup in San Francisco. I served pastrami sandwiches with all the fixins – caramelized onions and our housemade creamy mustard aioli – along with potato salad and red & green cabbage slaw.

Yesterday’s event, a 40th birthday party for a family friend with an expected attendance by some 40+ hungry folks, was a much larger undertaking. As requested, I made both bacon and burgers. The burgers began as a single 19lb chuck roast sourced from grass-fed, Piedmontese beef. I cubed up the meat and passed it through my trusty KitchenAid grinder twice before forming a small army of 6 oz patties.

I also brought along a few pounds of some of my newest creations – both hot and sweet Italian sausages. I figured since I was going to be manning the grill during the event anyway, why not bring along some homemade sausages for guests to snack on before dinner.

All in all, two very different, but successful and fun events. If you’d like Jablow’s Meats to cater an upcoming event, please do not hesitate to contact me.

New Taste Marketplace: July 16th · Jul 1 2011

Hey all, just wanted to let spread the word that you can find us once again at this month’s New Taste Marketplace. Swing by 500 De Haro Street in SF’s Potrero Hill on July 16th between 12-5pm. We’ll be selling pastrami sandwiches and pastrami by the pound. We’ll also be bringing along a few pounds of bacon too. In case you missed it, here’s a link to our recent article in SF Weekly, reviewing the pastrami sandwiches that we served at the SF Underground Market in May. Hope to see you there!

Our First Press! · Jul 1 2011

We were recently featured in SF Weekly’s SFoodie blog! Alex Hochman visited us at the SF Underground Market on May 21st and decided to write a small piece about us after sampling one of our pastrami sandwiches. Click here to read his article

Thanks Alex for the great write-up and review. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed your meal!

July 4th Porkstravaganza Goodie Boxes · Jul 1 2011

As a way to do something festive for the July 4th holiday weekend, we offered ‘porkstravaganza goodie boxes’ for sale during the month of June. Each box contained 2lbs of pulled pork (smoked for 14 hours over a mix of apple and mesquite wood), a little under a quart of our secret recipe Q sauce, 1 lb of bacon and 4 andouille sausage links.

I personally hand-delivered each box yesterday just in time for customers that are heading out of town to include them in their luggage. It was a lot of fun putting the boxes together – I hope to have similar offerings throughout the summer. To all those that ordered, I hope you enjoy. Happy 4th of July to everyone!