As the title suggests, this article will include a French businessman. Well, he is known by the name of Alain Dumenil. He is a very renowned personality in the world of business. Mr Dumenil hails from France. He was born on 3rd May 1949. Initially,

Alain started out with his own business venture. 

Today he is a Chairman at SMALTO. Moreover, he has started up multiple business ventures. His journey has been remarkable. As 

Alain has stepped into the fashion industry and Aeronautics. MrDumenil is more than just a businessman. 

As there is no definition that he fits into. We can introduce you to Alain as a philanthropist, author and a businessman. In the fashion industry, Alain has followed his own footsteps. He is a prominent name in the fashion industry. Mr Alain has made his own rules and followed them. 

How did he step into the business culture? 

Alain belongs to business culture as his father was the founder of a bank brokerage. The sudden demise of his father led Alain to take the driving seat of a family business venture. He stepped into the business culture at the age of 26. Dumenil was not satisfied with his own business venture.

As a consequence, he stepped into many different business ventures. He bought a lot of versatility in the business culture. In the initial years, Alain stepped into the fashion industry. He has been very successful in making his own mark. If you want to get more details about alain dumenil, you may visit on

In the year 2006, his love for literature made him an author. Alain’s first novel is known by the name of the royal festival. It was his first publication. This French businessman has broken every stereotype. 

Mr. Alain Edgar Louis Duménil is known to rub off the mediocrity. We hope this article will help you out with purpose. 

How Did Alain Dumenil Make His Own Mark?