Many people are asking if their twin flame is their true love already. Actually, there is a difference between soul mates and soulmates and you have to understand it first before you can exactly find out the true meaning of a twin flame.

Soul mates can occur in different forms. It can be your boy friend, your friend, an spirit, a karmic relationship, and the best of all, a twin flame. For your spirit soul mate, you are actually sharing the same bond of thoughts and you are recognizing how you are associated with each other through your past lives and the attributes you can share with each other from a particular soul-group. Your spirit soul mates may just come and go in your life. You do not know when they are coming as well as when they are going to leave. Many will try to stick with you while others will just come in your life for a short period of time then move away in time. Your spirit soul mate can also create an impact in your heart and you will likely not to forget them even if you cannot meet them again.

In contrast, your karmic soul mates may come in various ways. This may be from your relatives or family members, friends, children, and other blood-related people. These people have issues with you and so you are.They can stay in your life forever. But, how about a twin flame? A twin flame is far from karmic soul mates and spirit soul mates. Twin flames are actually your true love and almost every person are looking for their twin flame. When you find your twin flame, you will eventually realized that both of you are sharing the same thoughts and there is a strong bond which associate you from your twin flame.

You are going to spend your lifetime with your twin flame. All the sufferings, hardships, loss, and separations must be overcome with your twin flame until the end of time. Finding your twin flame is a very fulfilling feeling and it seems that the world has given you so many reasons to continue living and fight all the problems and struggles.

How Does A Twin Flame Works?