If what you need is a stand-alone policy, you can possibly have it with a commercial general liability insurance. This is possible as part of a Business Owners Policy, but, you can also ask for consultation about the right coverages with your insurance expert. Insurance experts can absolutely tell you what you need for your company and how much it will likely to cost.

Further, adding an additional liability coverage usually depends on the type of your business. Normally, additional coverage is not a part of commercial general liability insurance so it is better to talk with an insurance expert about the types of coverages that your company certainly needs.

Every company may have directors or officers liability. This kind of liability can safeguards who are the directors or officers during the past years until now or even in the future. This is to cover directors and officers that may allegedly conduct wrongful actions while in their positions.  Thus, the policy guarantees protection regarding omission, misleading statement, alleged error, breach of duty, and actual error while on duty. You can find more details on business liability insurance on the site general liability insure.

Liquor liability, on the other hand, can safeguards a company from damages or loss against consumers who become intoxicated resulting to injuries of himself or towards other people. So, if your company is operating a facility that has something to do with alcoholic drinks, it is important to have a liquor liability coverage. This may be not included on your general liability insurance but you can add it up.

Moreover, if your business is industrial, agricultural, or commercial, it is important to have a pollution liability coverages. These businesses highly involve environmental liabilities particularly in terms of pollution. If you have a pollution liability insurance, you can protect your company assets from unexpected environmental threats that may create a substantial impact on your company’s revenue. Likewise, this insurance may also protect your business from unforeseen pollution hazards which may cause property damages, bodily injuries, and the likes.

What Can Be Added On Your Business’ General Liability Insurance?